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Round Up: ***Special Dingo Edition*** August 1st, 2014

In light of our noble Curator's hiatus and my insatiable desire for meaningless e-attention, I present you with Dingo's Favorites and Duds of the day.


Care for a dumb Gyro joke? Got you covered. And oh my! How about a criminally under appreciated Shawn Marion stab? This, friends, is my Comment of The Day.


Total Fucking Duds:

Get fucked, Dingo. Instead of a hyperlink, here's a tire iron. Go whack yourself in the nuts a few times you self-aggrandizing dick head.


Have a lovely weekend friends; and shit, let's all give VAG a well deserved round of applause and show some gratitude. In my sincere, albeit meaningless opinion, he's stepped into some big shoes and has done an excellent fucking job filling them. Take the weekend and recover. Take the week. Take as long as you need, VAG. For now, have a drink, or 14.

[pours out a little liquor for VAG]

[[laps it up]]

This concludes Dingo's Roundup.



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