Premium Channels only*, since network television is for LOSERS.

1. Shameless (SHO)

2. Game of Thrones (HBO)

3. Homeland (SHO)

3 (tied). Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

5. Californication (SHO)

6. True Detective (HBO)

7. Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

8. Da Vinci's Demons (STARZ)

9. Masters of Sex (CHID)

10. The Newsroom (HBO)

11. Ray Donovan (SHO)

12. House of Lies (SHO)

13. Veep (HBO)


4593. Getting doused in gasoline and being burned alive (CINEMAX)

4594. Girls (HBO)

Honorable Mention: House of Cards (NETFLIX)

*Documentary/talk-show/sports series not included.


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